Almost 50 percent of Australians will experience a mental illness over the course of their lifetime. Prevalence of mental illness is greatest among 18-24-year olds.Every 3.5 hours in Australia someone takes their own life. For every person who takes their own life, another 20 people attempt to do so. Men are particularly at risk, accounting for almost 75 percent of all suicides globally.

 Less than 50 percent of Australians with a mental health problem access professional support. Stigma and embarrassment remain a significant barrier to getting help.We prioritise our funding on AWARNESS and EDUCATION across three specific areas of mental health – SMASHING STIGMA, ENCOURAGING HELP-SEEKING and, ultimately, PREVENTING SUICIDE, with a specific focus on youths and young adults (12-24-year olds).

Mental Health Awareness

A New Experience of Flavor

Coffee tastes have changed so much that I remember around 2012, introducing a much more acidic coffee into our blend thinking we were going to lead customers into a new experience of flavour, only to be dismayed on day one with customer’s dissatisfaction with a fruitier and more flavourful coffee. Coffee is after all the seed of a fruit. From then on, we began to work at a gradual pace, turning up the brightness a little, season after season. Today we can proudly craft a coffee with notes of lemon meringue, strawberry or passionfruit and find people on all sides of the counter are learning and developing their pallets.

Mental Illness Awareness

What Your Donation Means

To give you a little breakdown a $5 donation will provide 1 student in a rural or remote school with our LIVINWELL program for FREE! A $1000 donation will provide 200 students in a rural or remote school with our LIVINWELL program for FREE! This could lead to 200 new conversations being had around #ITAINTWEAKTOSPEAK. This could ultimately save a life!